• When Will Disney World Add Marvel Attractions?

    A Theme Park University reader recently wrote in to ask, “Hey Josh, when does the Marvel contract expire for Islands of Adventure so Disney World can start building its own Avengers attractions?” To answer your question quite bluntly: probably never. Very few people have access to the real contract between Marvel and Universal (formerly MCA […]

  • World of Chocolate Brings Sophistication To International Drive

    When describing attractions on International Drive in Orlando, rarely do adjectives like sophisticated, elegant and educational come up. However, for the new World of Chocolate Museum & Caféthat recently opened up just south of Sea World, it truly fits. Sure, this is not even close to the first chocolate attraction in the world. There are […]

  • Lunch With An Astronaut Not A Typical Character Meal

    Kennedy Space Center, arguably more than any other theme park on the planet, is the most authentic park you’re going to find. Anyone can build a park themed around space exploration that has space-themed roller coasters, a 3D movie on asteroids and carnival games where you whack an alien to win a plush Spongebob Squarepants. […]

  • Victim Experience March of Death Will Be Most Intense Haunt Ever

    In the fall of 2013, a new trend in haunted houses started truly gaining momentum. For the first time, haunts all over the country were offering experiences where guests could go through in either small groups, or more often – go solo. Some required patrons to be extremely physical, while one even made thrill junkies […]

  • Biodome Adds Multimedia Pre-Show to Zoo

    In 1976, the Montreal Olympic Stadium was host to several summer games, including judo and track cycling. For several years after, the space was used for sporting events and concerts. In 1992, after extensive renovations, the building was repurposed as a zoo attraction now known as the Montreal Biodome. Accredited by the AZA (Association of […]

  • E-Da Theme Park 4: Celebration of Taiwan

    Wow, it has been a long time! Apologies on the long delay between articles. We now return you to the program, already in progress. The hospitality industry is a growing field in Taiwan as more leisure facilities open and the number of tourists from mainland China flood the island nation. Many colleges have sought to […]

  • Comedy Warehouse Back For A Holiday Limited Engagement

    When Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World closed in 2008, most Disney fans mourned the loss of the Adventurer’s Club, one of the most unique night clubs on the planet. However, for me, I was deeply saddened to lost the Comedy Warehouse. It was my first introduction to live improv comedy and from the time […]

  • Moment Factory Revitalizes Atlantic City

    In July 2010, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie envisioned some new gaming laws and legislation that would help bring more tourists to the Jersey Shore and make it more of a destination to compete with bigger draws like New York City. Out of this initiative, the Atlantic City Alliance was formed in April 2012 and […]

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