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The Purge: Fear The Night Breaks New Ground For Haunt Attractions

This fall, the Variety Arts Theater in Downtown Los Angeles will be host to The Purge: Fear The Night, a first-of-its-kind attraction for the Halloween season. For those of savvy readers who follow the haunt business religiously, you’ll undoubtedly know that this location was used last year for the Blumhouse Of Horrors, which was Blumhouse […]

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Haunted Angelus Scares With It’s Heart

Fun Fact: 2013 marks the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War. We have all heard of Civil War reenactments where history buffs have their own history-infused version of cosplay. Everyone from rifleman to nurses dress up and try to recreate specific battles fought up and down the East Coast. However, one unique haunt in […]

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The Bates Motel Takes Haunted Hayrides To The Next Level

Haunted hayrides have been around for quite a long time. It’s an easy way for farmers (or anyone with a lot of land) to make a little cash during what is usually the end of harvesting season. So you buy a wagon or two and have some of your friends hide in the brush and […]

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Blackout Redefines Extreme Haunted Houses

Warning: Today’s article will discuss adult situations that simply reading about them may make some folks uncomfortable. If you are easily offended, please enjoy this video of a cat dancing to Gangnam Style. For those of you with an open mind, carry on. After you’ve been through enough haunted houses in your life, they become […]

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Shocktoberfest Allows Visitors To Experience Haunted House Completely Naked

Update: Shocktoberfest has cancelled the naked portion of their Naked And Scared Challenge. Media outlets around the world have picked up on the story from CNN to Jay Leno. This first-of-its-kind experience was reported from Canada to Australia. The buzz was so tremendous that the city of Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania was apparently not too happy […]

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Ghosts And Legends Of The Queen Mary Tour Brings Unexpected Surprises

TPU goes behind the scenes in the making of this iconic Long Beach attraction that lead to an independent film called The Visitant

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Delusion Turns A Haunted House Into Haunted Theater

Fans of haunted houses or mazes know the drill when going through their favorite haunt. You line up for usually over an hour and then walk through the maze in sort of a conga line with your friends and whoever else happens to be around you. If you are a fan of detail, you can […]

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Theme Park University’s Inaugural Halloween Season

Since its inception, I have set out to make Theme Park University’s content different than most other theme park or attractions fan sites. As this is our inaugural Halloween season, I started fishing for stories on haunted attractions that truly stand out in the industry and the results have been fascinating. If you are looking […]

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MGM Grand Adventures 5: Grand Canyon Rapids

I have done about a half dozen interviews with various individuals who were involved with creating MGM Grand Adventures now. After asking every single one what they thought made the park stand out from others, I expected to hear attractions like Hollywood Backlot River Tour or Deep Earth Exploration. However, without hesitation, industry veterans like […]

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Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park Uses Artistic Licenses On Disney

Editor’s Note: Today we bring you an article from one of our readers, P Tesler. Mr. Tesler is a theme park enthusiast and has traveled around the world collecting photographs and stories from some of his favorite attractions. Today he shares with us his experiences at a Shijingshan Amusement Park, which “borrows” many attractions and […]

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