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A Dreamfinder’s Guide to Imagineering Your Life – I

... wearing my first-ever name tag!

  Today’s lesson is for you. Yes, I mean you, sitting in the back. You probably hoped I’d never call on you and you wouldn’t be dragged into the discussion. Well, you were wrong. Today’s subject is you… so listen up. There will be one hell of a test years from now. Since you’re hanging […]

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Wanna Be a Theme Park Designer? Like NOW?

sleepdeprivation - Copy

At TPU we’re dedicated to giving our readers a realistic vision of what it takes to have a career in attraction design. None of this pie-in-the-sky, ‘think happy thoughts’ and Someday Your Prince Will Come nonsense here, kids! It takes years of study and lots of connections to get into THIS private club, buddy. Unless… […]

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Let the Characters Tell the Tale…

"Harumph... "

In a recent article by George H. Taylor, Jeff Heimbuch shared some interesting details of Disneyland’s City Hall. It’s a collection of books – classics of fantasy and adventure that fill a shelf in the reception area. The titles would be familiar to any Disney fan – but where you would expect to see […]

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TPU Interview: The Hackmeister 2000

The Hackmeister 2000

Dear Reader – I always look forward to any new theme park show, eternally hopeful that I will be thrilled, amused or moved by what the park’s creative forces have in store. Certain shows have exceeded my expectations, but there’ve always been disappointments as well. Right now, I’d say the industry is running about 50/50 […]

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On Imagination’s 30th: A Re-Birthday Wish


If Walt Disney ever actually said, “Disneyland will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world,” I’ve never met anyone who heard him say it. On the other hand, there were hundreds at last year’s IAPPA symposium who heard Tony Baxter say: “I don’t think the Imagination pavilion works anymore.” […]

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Disneyland’s ‘Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue’

Emma's Shoe

“’A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue’ is a Hit with Disneyland Guests”! That was the Youtube post from the company after the debut of Disneyland’s first ‘Limited Time Magic’ offering. And, judging by the gushing guests featured in the video, such was the case: “Fun, all-around show… Lively and entertaining.” “High-energy… western dancing… can-can […]

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