Spoilers From Freakling Brothers Victim Experience

Warning: Today’s article features descriptions of intense scenes that are graphic in nature. Reader discretion is advised.

Theme Park University’s 2013 Halloween Season was a huge success. Thousands of people from all around the world have come to the site to read about some of the most unique haunted house experiences all over the United States. By far, the thing people found most fascinating was the story I did on the Freakling Brothers in Las Vegas. Their new victim experience got people talking.

Now that Halloween season is over, I figured it would be ok to do an article filled with spoilers about what really goes on for those “lucky” few people who got to experience this insane new extreme haunted house experience. A reader of Theme Park University recently reached out to me to share her story on what happened to her during the victim experience. She has asked to remain anonymous, so for the purposes of the interview, she will be referred to as “Victim”. Enjoy.

Scorch The Clown Photo Courtesy of Stephen Krstulich

Scorch The Clown
Photo Courtesy of Stephen Krstulich

Josh Young: Can you give me an idea of what exactly goes on inside The Gates of Hell during the Victim Experience?

Victim: I’ll tell you what I can. We all went through one at a time, but were separated once inside. The first half is mainly psychological; resembling what I think can be compared to being sold into the sex slave industry. They say that girls and guys all go through the same exact situations. There were lewd comments and sexual contact. They took my shirt off before leading me through a chain link fence maze with coils of electrocuted wire. After that, I thought the electrocution was over, but it hadn’t even begun yet. They strung my hands over my head and shocked me for a while. I still have marks all over my torso. They put a plastic bag over my head and continued to shock me. This was probably one of the worst parts physically, although I do have a black eye from someone repeatedly slapping me in the face for what felt like at least ten minutes (it probably wasn’t, seeing as I was only in there a total of 20). They duct taped my hands and legs, dragged me into the next room with a hood over my head and dunked my head into ice cold water. This is where I gave up and said the safe word. I’m told there was only one room left after that. Only two people in our group of six made it through. Behind the two ‘survivors,’ I made it the farthest.

The goal is obviously to put us into real life-or-death situations. This sort of fear ranges on a completely different level than the normal jump scares of traditional haunted houses. I did not sleep that night at all.

Scorch, JT Molner, Duke Molner and Face/Off Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

Scorch, JT Molner, Duke Molner and Face/Off
Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

JY: Granted, you did sign a waiver to do this, but do you ever think they took it too far?

V: Everything that happened was explained in the waiver. It was more intense than I ever could have expected, though. Still, I would never think of bringing any complaints forward.

JY: So they took your shirt off… but I don’t how that equals sexual situations/slavery?

V: There were also a couple times when they shoved a dildo in my mouth. There was some feeling up and at one point a woman shoved my face into her crotch. Obviously they didn’t exactly rape anyone. Even with the waivers there are certain things that couldn’t be done. I think that portion was more designed to be humiliating and degrading.

They also wrote slut on my stomach in permanent marker and something on my face, but it was blurred by the time I came out because of the water. Not sure what it said.

Victim Experience Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

Victim Experience
Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

JY: I am assuming even though your shirt was off, you kept your bra on? And could you see any other victims and what they were doing while you were being tortured?

V: Yes, my bra was still on. I never saw any of the other victims. By the time I came out, one had already said the safe word (during the electrocution) and there were still a couple left in line, but I never saw anyone while I was inside.

JY: I have to give you credit, I couldn’t do it. You’ve got guts. Considering they are doing something different for the victim experience next year – would you do it again?

V: I wouldn’t do it again lol. My sister made it all the way through and said she would consider doing it again next year. Maybe by then I’ll change my mind. It was very hard to get over and all day yesterday, I was still pretty jumpy. We’ll have to see. Either way, although it was horrifying, I don’ regret doing it. It was definitely an experience. That sort of fear kind of makes you look at things differently, I think.

Gates of Hell Photo by Stephen Krstulich

Gates of Hell
Photo by Stephen Krstulich

JY: How so?

V: I watch a lot of horror movies and I like to put myself in those positions, you know ‘what would I do?’ kind of thing. Knowing what it feels like to be essentially kidnapped, restrained and tortured (although yes, I know things get MUCH worse in the real world, outside of controlled environments), changes my perspective. I never really understood how scary it can actually be. I’m one who always kind of thirsts for an adventurous sort of danger. I think I might have gotten close to my fill, haha!

Victim Experience Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

Victim Experience
Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

JY: Did you talk with any of the other victims who went all the way through and find out what you missed at the end?

V: According to my sister, in the last room, there is a woman wearing rings that generate more electricity. Her hands were still taped (her legs had been cut free after the water dunking) and she had to get past a rope barrier in order to get away from the woman and run out the exit. I could hear her screaming. It took about five minutes, I think.

Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

Photo Courtesy Stephen Krstulich

JY: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience, anything else you would like to add?

V: I’d like to emphasize that I do think it is a great experience for certain people. It’s not meant for everyone AT ALL. They said they are going to be changing things around for the Victim Experience next year, so the spoilers I gave may not even be relevant for next year.

My many thanks to our “Victim” who went through this insane experience at the Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror in Las Vegas. If you’d like to keep up with the latest about themed entertainment follow @TPUJosh on Twitter by clicking here or like our Facebook Page by clicking here!

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